People Who Helped the Roman Empire


Do you know what people in the past used to do to gain power? The Roman Republic expanded and turned into the Roman Empire but it did not expand on its own. There were different Romans or non-Romans that helped the expansion of the empire. These Romans and non-Romans helped the Roman Empire in so many different ways. This is the time when the Roman Empire was expanding and had the best armies and government than the rest of the world at the time. The empire expanded to all of the land all around the Mediterranean Sea. There were three important people who were involved in helping the empire and they are coolest general ever, his heir that became the first emperor, and the first emperor to become Christian.

Julius Caesar and What He Did

Julius Caesar was an important to man to the Roman Empire because he started the change from Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. It started in 55BC when he led his army to the Roman Invasion of Britain. He got unlimited military power because of his over all successful battles. He had time to control the government and he was the consul or dictator of the time. He was a very powerful man in the politics, wars, and other matters. He was assassinated on March 15, 44BC by a group who just caused even more civil wars and a permanent empire (“Julius Caesar”. Wikipedia). All of the Romans wanted to gain power and this is when Julius Caesar’s heir, Augustus. He was the emperor of this empire. If Julius Caesar hadn’t won all those battles and wars there would have never been a start in the change from Roman Republic turn into the Roman Empire.

Augustus Caesar and What He Did

Augustus Caesar was the first Roman Emperor of the Roman Empire. When Julius Caesar was assassinated, all of the other Romans wanted a chance for power and rule. Augustus won fierce battles (James Simon). He was emperor because he won the battle, where all of the other wanted power and made a permanent empire. He was the first emperor of the Roman Empire. He was a very skilled and calculated general but he was known for his political leadership and won very convincing battles. He ruled alone from 27BC to his death on AD14. He expanded his empire into Egypt, Dalmatia, Pannonia, and some other places. He also expanded in certain places in Africa and completed the conquest of Hispania. He made a era of peace and quiet known as the Pax Romand of Roman Peace. Without Augustus the Roman Empire would never had expanded his empire to more places and would never have had the Pax Romand.

Constantine and What He Did

Constantine was a Roman Emperor and was the best general of the late 200s and early 300s. He was the first Roman Emperor who became Christian(“Constantine the Great”. Wikipedia). Like Julius Caesar he was brilliant on the battlefield and in politics. Constantine was the emperor who reunited bought back the Roman Empire from the brink of destruction. He defeated the other Romans who wanted to be emperor and he became Christian because he won. He thought God helped him win the battles because he saw a sign, cross in the sky and that was God’s message. He became the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire. He became emperor in 306AD. He did anything to learn more about Christianity and spread it as much as he could. He united the Eastern and Western Empire. He had many challenges as emperor and on the battlefield but he was successful and helped the Roman Empire by being the first Christian Emperor.


All of these Romans are really cool because of the way they won battles and gained power. Julius Caesar is a way to look at life because he was working his way up to power. By all the emperors, I know Constantine and Augustus are the best because of the way Constantine became Christian and beat the other Romans to be emperor just like Augustus did. The thing that surprised me about Augustus is when he made an era of peace known as the Pax Romand. I would like to know if Augustus had an heir to the throne. All of these Romans shaped the Roman Empire that used to be something great.


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